Bottom Line:
We Love the Arts!

Having experienced the benefits of involvement and education in the Arts, we believe in the power of creativity to positively impact the artist. For many, education in the Arts reveals a path to a more creative and fulfilled life.

Studies have also found that education in the Arts is transforming and beneficial for both children and young adults. Research has proven that the Arts:

Makes kids more creative, original, imaginative, interactive, literate, analytical, articulate, and persistent

Helps high-risk students keep out of trouble and attend college (they are four times less likely to drop out of school)

Improves students understanding of themselves, their peers, and people of other cultures

Teaches kids to collaborate, cooperate, and choose alternative courses of action

Improves communication skills and other qualities necessary for future occupations

Helps students developer greater self-esteem, self-discipline, and self-confidence

Enables young people to more readily use positive and safe ways to release their emotions


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